Beth Bernobich

March 2018

After reviewing how much remains with the draft-in-progress, I've decided to switch gears. I've spent the past week reading and marking up the draft, and making notes for the final sequence. So far, I've entered all the typo corrections and the minor edits, and now I'm diving into the complex revisions. I am still aiming to send an edited version to my editor by the end of March/early April, but some of the tasks have re-arranged themselves.

Meanwhile, some very nice buzz showed up for A Study in Honor. Paste Magazine includes ASiH in their list of The 25 Most Anticipated Books for 2018. Medium names ASiH one of the Books We Can't Wait to Read in 2018. And on, reviewer Liz Bourke called it "...a hell of a good novel".

February 2018

Oh, my, what a month—and I mean that in a good way.

Biggest news first: I have signed with the awesome Lane Heymont at The Tobias Literary Agency. I am very excited to be working with Lane, and I can hardly wait until this new River of Souls novel goes out on submission.

ARCs for A Study in Honor have arrived, and they are so very pretty. *pets the shiny ARCs*

And last, but not least: In the past month, the sequel to ASiH broke the 65K mark. The muddled middle is a lot less muddled, and the final race toward the end is in sight. If I can keep up the pace, I should have a complete first draft by March, and an edited draft to my editor by April. Wish me luck! (And a lot of energy. *g*)

January 2018

Last year…last year was challenging. Nearly every day I woke up dreading what studid, cruel, destructive act Trump had committed overnight. I did what I could, with monthly contributions to good organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood. I voted in local elections, because those are the building blocks for state and national politics. And I wrote. I wrote because I needed to. I wrote, because my fiction is part of speaking out against the horror show that is the alt-right.

And with writing, came a number of wonderful things in 2017. Not!Sherlock sold to Harper Voyager. I cannot express how much joy this gives me—that Janet Watson and Sara Holmes will see the world. That my editor gave me feedback to make the book better, stronger, and more true to itself. That my publisher came up with the perfect cover art for both my characters and their story.

So what did I accomplish last year? None of my modest goals, as it turns out. A Study in Honor and one sequel sold in January, with the editorial letter following soon after that. I spent several months carefully reworking the plot and prose to address my editor's concerns. By June, the manuscript was formally accepted. Around the same time, I started work on a detailed synopsis and sample chapters for the sequel. Once my editor approved those, I dove into the rest of the new book. This past month, I broke through the 50K mark, with around another 30K to go.

And let's not forget the dayjob. In March, I hired an awesome developer, who has the skills and experience we so desperately needed for that position. He's also a nice guy, and we get along very well. At the same time, work has not slowed one bit. The finance director has dozens of ideas for more reports, more applications, more processes he'd like to see automated.

What about this new year? This year, let's try just two goals:

  • Finish Not!Sherlock#2 by the contract date
  • Write a synopsis and sample chapters for a possible third book in the series

And that's it. Oh, sure, I'll be doing the usual promotion work associated with a book release. And sure, I hope to get more writing accomplished, but I can't tell yet, what that "more" should be.