Beth Bernobich

April 2017

Contract for Not!Sherlock signed and sent back to the publisher. Editorial letter received and addressed. The new version goes to my editor next week. Once she formally accepts the manuscript, I have a break before copyedits arrive. So what comes next? I need to catch up on several long-neglected tasks, then I want to tackle an outline for Janet Watson's second book. (I have so many plans to upset her life. Again.) Oh, and there might also be some editing of the pirate novel.

March 2017

I'm still in that stage with the new book contract where it doesn't quite feel real. That will change once I get my editorial letter (coming soon, my editor tells me), not to mention the contract and the check. Even so, I'm hard at work on revisions. I've reworked the political backstory. I've read through the manuscript, marking where and how I can address the issues my editor mentioned during our phone conversation, back in December. I'll have more definite deadlines once the contract is finalized, but my goal is get a new version to her by mid-April. The sooner I get this novel revised and accepted, the sooner I can start on the sequel.

At the dayjob, I am happy to report that we've hired a new junior developer. He starts in three weeks, and I can hardly wait to load him down with tasks. :)

February 2017

I am delighted to report that my novel OTHER THAN HONORABLE sold to Harper Voyager in a two-book deal. The tentative release date is Summer 2018, with the sequel coming out the following year. Here is the announcement in Publishers Marketplace:

Claire O'Dell's OTHER THAN HONORABLE, in which Dr. Janet Watson and FBI Agent Sara Holmes, two black and LGBTQA women, must discover who is murdering veterans from America's New Civil War using espionage, advanced technology, and deduction, to Amber Oliver at Harper Voyager, for publication in Summer 2018, by Amanda Rutter (World Rights).

And now I have deadlines, so I better get to work.

January 2017

Last year was a year filled with lots of hard work, two utterly awesome vacations (road trip! Rome and Venice!), one major medical curveball, and a lot of progress both at the dayjob and with writing. Here's the list:

  • Finished the new version of Edge of the Empire. The revisions took longer than I had anticipated, in part because life did throw me a few curveballs, but also because I had to rewrite two thirds of the book from scratch. However, I'm quite pleased with this new version and hope my agent agrees.
  • Revised Not!Sherlock to address the concerns one editor had about the time period
  • Wrote detailed notes for two possible sequels to Not!Sherlock
  • At the dayjob, oversaw the complete rewrite of another complex application (and by "oversaw" I mean "wrote most of the code myself"). Revamped another application to use the same UI design, and added new features right and left.
  • Got my first tattoo

So, two of the three writing goals achieved. But what about this year? To be honest, I'm not sure I can set any useful goals right now. Everthing depends on whether Not!Sherlock sells. Or Empire. (Or both!) But if I had to pick a few goals, I'd choose:

  • Write three chapters of Not!Mansfield Park
  • Write one novella in my River of Souls world
  • Release new editions of Passion Play and Fox & Phoenix, print and e-book, with new covers and lower prices for the e-books

Low key goals, but goals that are important to me. Let's see how it goes…