Beth Bernobich

December 2013

The Time Roads is officially delivered and accepted!

*pause for writer victory dance*

In celebration of that, and because we missed our son, and he missed us, we went to Paris for Thanksgiving week. Our son had classes during the day, so we cruised around the city, revisiting old favorites and discovering new ones. Evenings were for catching up with our son, touring the university where he's studying, and savoring amazing Parisian food. There was also an encounter with the world's most adorable baby yak in the Menagerie inside Le Jardin des Plantes.

The next few weeks continue my break from writing, but I can already tell I will dive into the new novel before the end of the year. This is the one I call my Not-Mansfield-Park novel, set on a ghost island off the coast of Spain. It started off as my reply to Austen's Mansfield Park, which I admire except for the ending. In the middle of plotting it out, however, the story took a hard left into magic and polyamory. I decided that was a good idea. Now all I need is a title.

November 2013

The Time Roads went to my editor at the beginning of the month. Other than a few tweaks, the book is done. The final version goes back to her within the week, and into production by December 1st. Cover art is in the works, or so I hear. I should have something to share within a month or so.

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on the rest of my life.

October 2013

I swear, every month feels busier than the last.

Thief of War came out last month and got a splendid call-out from the NPR Books Tumblr. invited me to participate in their latest Writing Prompt feature.

The Time Roads has claimed all my free time these days. However, I've made excellent progress. The last novella needs around 10K more words to complete the draft. My goal is to finish all revisions by November 4th, with the book going into production in December. We've already begun talking about cover artists and cover concepts. Also, the getting of blurbs.

And in the middle of all this, Allegiance will be released on October 29th. (!!!) Several very nice reviews have appeared, including this one from Publisher's Weekly. I also have a couple more Sunday posts scheduled, a blog post for Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favorite Bit feature, plus an AMA on Reddit Fantasy on release day itself.

September 2013

Surprise! Tor has decided to release my alt-history novel The Time Roads next year and not the year after that. Because I just found out, I need to hustle to get a final draft to my editor.

Meanwhile, "Thief of War" comes out this month, and Allegiance come out next month.

August 2013

It's been a lovely chaotic month, what with promotion for ALLEGIANCE, copyedits for "Thief of War," and editing the first three novellas for THE TIME ROADS. I now have a better handle on the world and the characters, so now it's time to wrestle the last novella into submission. Meanwhile, here are the series of posts I've been writing about my River of Souls Trilogy.

July 2013

It's too hot for a real post, so let me just share this artwork for my forthcoming "Thief of War" novella:

June 2013

I've had surgery on my right hand, so this will be an extra short entry.

In no particular order, here is what the month has been like so far: ARCs for Allegiance have gone out to reviewers, the paperback edition for Queen's Hunt is in the stores, I've written 10K of the last Time Roads novella, and Thief of War is slated to appear on in September.

May 2013

Galleys read and corrections sent to my editor. That is the last step for me, the author, before Allegiance comes out October 29th. ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) will arrive at Tor May 15th, and will go out to reviewers soon after that. I've now entered that terrifying void between finishing the book and waiting for reader and reviewer reactions.

Meanwhile, Tor has re-arranged the release schedule for my next two books. Edge of the Empire, the fourth book in my River of Souls series, was originally scheduled for publication in October 2014, with The Time Roads, my steampunk novel, coming out in October 2015. That's no longer the case. Instead, look for Time Roads in early 2015, with Empire to follow a year later.

April 2013

Good-bye, old job. Hello, new one.

I have a brief interlude between the two. A good thing, because galley proofs for Allegiance arrived today!

March 2013

A good month and an exhausting one. Copyedits for Allegiance arrived at the same time as a Hideous Deadline at the dayjob, with a helping of flu on top, all of which left me completely wiped out. I've spent the past four days in bed, in the company of my cats, both excellent nap coaches.


I received the splendid news that my novella, now titled "Thief of War," has sold to "Thief" is the true story behind the offical history of how Leos Dzavek stole Lir's jewels and started a war that destroyed an Empire. My original goal was to keep the length in short story range, but I soon realized it needed the scope of a novella. Novellas are hard to sell, however, so color me very pleased that my loooooong story found a home.

And since I am still sick, I think I will go back to bed to rest.

February 2013

So far this month:

  • Galley proofs for the paperback of Queen's Hunt reviewed
  • Novella (still untitled) complete at 22K and under review
  • Copyedits for Allegiance scheduled to arrive in my mailbox on the 21st of this month
  • Several novel proposals in progress
  • Lots and lots of snow

January 2013

2012 was a productive year, but oddly enough, a lot of that productivity is invisible.

By locking myself in my office on weekends, I finished Allegiance. Twice. Or at least it felt like twice. My editor had some excellent suggestions for make the book stronger, which led to me adding over 20K new words and revising all the rest. After a brief break, I wrote a short story set in the same world as Fox & Phoenix, but with different characters. I followed up with a short story about Ilse and Raul several decades after the end of Allegiance, and now I'm writing a story (or maybe it's a novella) about Dzavek's theft of Lir's jewels.

I say the work is invisible because it's not on bookshelves or in magazines—at least, not yet. Allegiance will make its appearance the earliest, in October 2013. The Seventy Kingdoms story sold to a very shiny anthology, but that book's release has been delayed to 2014. And though my editor loved my Ilse/Raul story, it contains too many spoilers for Allegiance, so no telling when or where that one will appear. Eventually everything will go from invisible to visible, but not yet.

As for the new year...

2013 will see the Queen's Hunt released in paperback and the hardcover for Allegiance. Allegiance marks the end of Ilse and Raul's trilogy, but not the end of the series. The Edge of the Empire, a prequel set 500 years before Passion Play, comes out in 2014. I also have plans for more novels and short stories set in the River of Souls world. But it won't be the same.

What about new stuff?

There's the novella-in-progress, which I hope to finish by February. The usual assortment of copyedits and galley proofs come next. In spring, I should get my editorial letter for The Edge of the Empire. Once that's done and accepted, I can work on the final novella for The Time Roads. After that? I'll see once I get to that point.