Beth Bernobich

December 2009

Busy, busy, busy. I started a new job, finished revisions for QUEEN'S HUNT, and am taking a short breather before I plunge into writing ALLEGIANCE.

November 2009

Many wonderful things going on this month. The biggest and shiniest news is that my young adult novel FOX AND PHOENIX has sold to Sharyn November at Viking. The estimated publication date is Summer 2011.

And in a suprise change of plans, PS Publishing released ARS MEMORIAE a couple months early. I have my contributor copies, and they are lovely. Three are currently out on a review tour, where people post reviews and photos of the books, then pass the copies along to the next person who asks for one.

Work on the collection is also going well. We have a title (A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories), a cover artist (Vincent Chong), and the table of contents. We hope to have review galleys in the next few months.

October 2009

In the past three weeks, I got interviewed on the radio, wrote a proposal for a fix-up novel set in my Eireann world, revised and polished the new story for my collection, and sent off a tentative TOC for that collection to my editor at Lethe Press.

I also received notes for QUEEN'S HUNT from my editor. It's gratifying when the email starts off with "Wow." Still, there's a fair amount of work to do. I have now launched myself into revisions.

In other news, we now have a new kitten. Her name is Octavia. She is a tiny Maine Coon mix, and she thinks she is bigger than the whole world. Our other cat is not certain what to make of the intruder.

September 2009

Writing. Revising. Proofreading. Etc.

ETA: I'm being interviewed October 1st, at 7PM, by Bill Buschel for his radio program "Graffiti," an arts-oriented program on Hellenic Public Radio (WNYE 91.5).

August 2009

August is the month of waiting. Soon, I should hear back from my editor about QUEEN'S HUNT. Soon, I hope to hear back from publishers about another novel, current out on submission. Soon, my alternate history novella will come out from PS Publishing.

Lots of Soon. :)

All that waiting doesn't mean I haven't been working, however. I've reviewed nine stories for the collection and spiffed up the prose. I'm working on a new story, also for the collection. Once that goes out to trusted readers, I will make a stab at outlining ALLEGIANCE.

Oh, and speaking of PS Publishing, I've also received and sent back (completed) the signing sheets for Ars Memoriae, which should be out Real Soon Now.

July 2009

QUEEN'S HUNT went off to my editor at the beginning of the month. Since then, I've goofed off, attended Readercon, and sold a collection of my short stories to Lethe Press (forthcoming early 2010).

June 2009

First draft of QUEEN'S HUNT is done. I'm halfway through the second draft.

May 2009

More quotes are coming in for PASSION PLAY. And my draft of QUEEN'S HUNT has reached the 2/3 point. Onward.

April 2009


March 2009

Writing, writing, writing. My life revolves around finishing QUEEN'S HUNT.

February 2009

My agent reports that she loves FOX & PHOENIX. I'm now about a third of the way through QUEEN'S HUNT. I've paused to review the draft-so-far, fill in some plot holes, and fix the known inconsistencies, before I launch into the middle section.

In the extra-shiny news department, my novelette "The Golden Octopus" made the Locus Recommended Reading List.

January 2009

Last year was a good one. I finished revisions for my first Tor novel and turned those in on well before my deadline. My editor sent me a shiny bound reading copy (with copyright page and Tor logo!) to keep me company until the book comes out. I also sold novelettes to Subterranean Online and Postscripts Magazine, then sold them both again to Year's Best anthologies edited by Rich Horton.

Alas, I did not finish at least half of QUEEN'S HUNT. After taking a few stabs at a new outline and new draft, I realized that pieces of the story were still missing. So while that story simmered on the backburner, I finished off my young adult novel project, FOX & PHOENIX.

And now. A new year and new goals. I have only three. My top goal—the one I must not miss—is to finish QUEEN'S HUNT and turn that in by its deadline. I have a new opening chapter, told by a new character, with motives and schemes of his own. We'll see where he takes the story. Second is to make a dent in the third contracted novel, tentatively called ALLEGIANCE. And third, more of a wish, is to write the fourth and final story in my Eireann series.