Beth Bernobich

December 2008

I'm delighted to report that Rich Horton has selected two of my stories for his 2009 Year's Best anthologies. "The Golden Octopus" will appear in 2009: The Year's Best Science Fiction (forthcoming April 2009). "Air and Angels" will appear in Unplugged: The Year's Best Online Fiction (forthcoming 2009).

Also: Finished the first draft of FOX & PHOENIX. Have plunged into revisions.

November 2008

Writing, writing, writing...

Taking a break from QUEEN'S HUNT so I can finish FOX & PHOENIX.

October 2008

Writing, writing, writing...

I finished the first four chapters of QUEEN'S HUNT and dived into the next. Although I had an existing draft for this novel, I knew that almost every element in its plot and setting were liable to change. And I was right. Twelve chapters vanished right away. Backstory for characters shifted and merged. Quite a few characters have disappeared from the previous version, or moved from on-stage into (far) off-stage roles. However a new person just showed up. He claims he can help me fix that exciting escape sequence in chapter six. We shall see.

In other news, I'm pleased to report several shiny reviews for my stories "Air and Angels" (Subterranean Online) and "The Golden Octopus" (Postscripts #15).

September 2008

The new version of PASSION PLAY went off earlier this month to my editor. Now I'm alternating between FOX AND PHOENIX and QUEEN'S HUNT (with some note-taking for ALLEGIANCE, whenever Fred shares a new idea with me).

August 2008

I am battling my way through the draft for FOX AND PHOENIX and making some last-minute revisions to PASSION PLAY. In between, I'm tweaking and polishing the outline for QUEEN'S HUNT.

July 2008

Paris. Readercon. And if I have my way, more writing.

June 2008

So far this month, I've partipated in a signing for Magic in the Mirrorstone at Books of Wonder, had lunch with my editor (!!) and agent (!!!), and made all kinds of crazy progress on my YA novel.

May 2008

Oops. I was so busy writing, I forgot to update my journal!

April 2008

Revisions done and turned in to the editor. I've also worked out a detailed outline for the second novel, QUEEN'S HUNT, so she can make sure things all mesh when she reviews the new version of PASSION PLAY.

And in the department of happy-dance news, I have two sales to report. "The Golden Octopus" will appear in Postscripts Magazine, tentatively this summer. "Air and Angels" is already online in the Spring Issue of Subterranean Online.

March 2008

The editorial notes have arrived and I have launched myself into revisions.

February 2008

Writing, revising, revising, writing, and Boskone.

My editor (!!!) tells me the editorial notes for PASSION PLAY will arrive Soon, which means lots of writing and revising between then and June.

January 2008

Last year....

At the beginning of last year, I was tentatively hopeful.

But only tentatively.

See, it's easy to dream so hard, you overrun reality, and while it's good and necessary and wonderful to dream, publishing often has a way of whacking you down with a dose of reality.

So maybe I'm dreaming, because last year was a very good year indeed.

Last year I signed with a fabulous agent, Vaughne Lee Hansen of the Virginia Kidd Agency. She landed me a three-book deal with Tor books, and I sold a novella/chapbook to PS Publishing on my own, along with several other shiny sales. I finished all my writing goals (pirates!) and a few extra. Oh, and one of my stories made the Nebula Preliminary Ballot.

So what about this year?

Since Life does intervene, and with alarming frequency, I think it's wise to keep with simple goals. Finish novel revisions on PASSION PLAY and turn that in by its due date. Finish at least (at least) half of the second contracted novel before December. Finish the third story in my Eireann series.

And just like last year, I'll see what happens after that.