Beth Bernobich

December 2007

There used to be a generic entry here about revising and writing and such, but I just heard from my agent, and....

Tor Books has made an offer for a three-book deal, to include my novel Passion Play, plus two sequels. They will be published as part of Tor's Women in Fantasy program.

Wow. Just. Wow.

November 2007

Writing, editing, revising...

October 2007

THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE, also known as That Pirate Novel, is done and off to my agent, who wants to read it through before she starts approaching editors. Now to switch gears and genres briefly whilst I write an SF-like short story for an anthology.

And I am absolutely thrilled to report that Baen's Universe has bought my story "Shopping Spree." You can see the first half here.

September 2007

The second draft of EMPIRE is done. I'm making one more pass on certain chapters before I send the ms. off to my agent.

August 2007

Sold: one short story called "Marsdog" to the cool new online zine Coyote Wild. I am pleased to be in such fine company.

Meanwhile, the writing continues. I finished the first draft of EMPIRE and sent it off to a few trusted readers for their comments.

July 2007

Writing, writing, writing...

I just passed the 3/4 mark in EMPIRE, and am running toward the end mark.

June 2007

Two very nice pieces of news: I'm pleased to report that my novella "Ars Memoriae" will appear as a signed limited edition chapbook from PS Publishing. Tentative publication date is early 2009. Also, the previous story in the cycle, "A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange," has qualified for the Nebula Preliminary ballot.

Meanwhile, EMPIRE is starting to yield to the steady pounding of my keyboard as I work toward the 2/3 mark.

May 2007

Writing, writing, writing. EMPIRE, that is. In between writing new chapters, I also reworked the outline for the middle of the book, adding in a small subplot, and filling out the details for some hitherto sketchy character arcs.

Halfway point reached. Onward.

April 2007

Finished: The chapters and proposal for FOX AND PHOENIX done and to the editor for consideration.

Finished: The novella "Ars Memoriae" done and sent to its first market.

In Progress: The novel THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE (aka, the pirate novel) is back under construction.

March 2007

Writing, reading, Boskone, writing. I finished the first three chapters of FOX AND PHOENIX and sent them out to readers. While I'm waiting for their feedback, I'm making a second pass through my novella for Adrian Dee, "Ars Memoriae."

And my biggest news of all... I'm extra pleased to report I have a new agent, Vaughne Lee Hansen from the Virginia Kidd Agency.

February 2007

Life has intervened, apparently.

It seems the Mirrorstone editor liked my short story enough that she's open to a novel set in the same world, so I'm writing three chapters for her consideration. The tentative title is FOX AND PHOENIX.

Before that happened, I had ripped through the existing chapters for EMPIRE to bring them into line with the new plot. One new chapter written, and lots more detail notes for the dreaded middle section. Once I send off the chapters for PHOENIX, I'll return to writing EMPIRE.

And in the very happy news department, I'm absolute stoked to report the sale of my short story "A Handful of Pearls" to Interzone Magazine. As if that were not enough, my novelette "A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange" from Asimov's was included in the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2006.


January 2007

Last year....

Last year I saw my first story in a major SF publication. I participated in my first public reading, and for the first time, attended a convention as a panelist. Last year, two of my stories were selected as "Recommended" in Locus magazine, and I was invited to participate in some cool projects like Memetherapy and Farrago's Wainscot. Oh, and I also earned my second degree black belt. All good things.

Last year I didn't find a new agent. And last year, I went through a period where I lost momentum in writing and karate. Not good, and I'm happy to report that I've overcome that problem.

So what about this year?

Keeping in mind that Life often intervenes, I've made some simple goals. Finish the second story in my Éireann series. Finish at least one novel. (Pirates!) Start another. After that, I'll see what happens.