Beth Bernobich

December 2006

Still very busy. Finished compressing the novel (which included chopping off the original first chapter) and shipped off the new version to the very patient editor and an agent who requested the full ms. I'm back with Adrian Dee's novella. I'm now about halfway through the existing draft, incorporating what I decided about worldbuilding and the story timeline. If all goes well, I should have a complete draft by early January. Really. Promise.

November 2006

Busy, busy, busy. Boy turned thirteen. We passed our second-degree black belt test. Am taking a break from the novella to make a pass through an existing novel manuscript to tighten the prose and streamline the opening.

October 2006

I'm very pleased to report two sales. Story #2, now titled "Pig, Crane Fox: Three Hearts Unfolding," has sold to Magic in the Mirrorstone, an anthology from Mirrorstone Books, and the new publishing venture Farrago's Wainscot has decided to reprint my story "Of Moondust and Starlight."

The writing and revising and worldbuilding continues. In my spare time, I am practicing for my upcoming karate test.

September 2006

Writing, querying, revising, repeat. Not necessarily in that order.

Will be participating in a reading/signing for Sex in the System at Pandemonium Books on September 30th. Beyond that, you'll see me at Capclave in October, and next year at Archon/NASFic.

August 2006

Story #1 is done and away to its first market. Finished a first draft of story #2, which is current with a couple readers. Attended the delightful Confluence convention last month.

July 2006

After a few unproductive weeks (for writing, that is), I gave myself a lecture. Get up earlier. Don't waste time. Write until I make my daily goal. So far, I'm on track to finish one short story, then I'll plunge into the next.

And in the happy news department, I just learned that my story, "Watercolors in the Rain," earned an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction Twenty-third Annual Collection.

June 2006

Continuing to work through Adrian Dee's story, page by page. I find this world both difficult and satisfying to write. I also received two invitations to anthologies this month, plus Fred dropped a (bizarre) idea on my head. So far, I'm making good progress on three stories at once, while the fourth waits its turn.

May 2006

Writing, work, revising, house, more work, more writing... In between deadlines at work and home improvment projects, my writing time has shrunk alarmingly. So, to preserve my sanity, I've set the novels aside for the moment, and I'm plunging ahead with the follow-up to my Asimov's story. I'm now at the halfway point. Ahead, the story map declares, "Here be explosions."

April 2006

I'm delighted to report that the June issue of Asimov's, with my story "A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange," is now available, and you can read an excerpt here. So far, the reviews have been pretty damned good.

As for writing itself... I'm alternating between two projects right now: THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE (also known as the pirate novel) and a follow-up novelette to my Asimov's story, tentatively titled MONTENEGRO.

March 2006

Write, revise, write code, revise, debug code, write some more...

February 2006

And Murphy proves to me, once again, that even our best plans are such ephemeral things. Alas, I find I cannot attend the marvelous Blue Heaven Novel Workshop because of other commitments. On the other hand, I did attend Boskone and had a wondrous time. (Chocolate!) Also, several very happy writing opportunities have knocked at my door. More news as I find out...

January 2006

Last year was a year of many changes. I parted ways with my agent and started the search for another. I made my first sale to a major SF magazine, plus many others that I'm proud of. I learned that I can indeed write short stories.

And the changes continue. This year, I'll be attending Boskone as a panelist (eep!) for the first time. I'm also attending the Blue Heaven Novel Workshop, where I hope to get my pirate novel shredded. And if I keep my focus centered, I will be testing for second Dan this October.