Beth Bernobich

History of Lir's Jewels

Thousands of years before the Erythandran Empire, when the world was newly created, Lir and Toc's season of love gave birth to all living creatures, both ordinary and magical. The magical creatures soon left the physical world for the magical plane, drawn there by their true nature, but one among them delighted in returning and visiting the world of humankind.

In the first centuries of the Erythandran nation, before the tribes rode south to conquer the plains, a powerful mage succeeded in trapping the creature in an ordinary stone. The act transformed the stone into a jewel, and bonded the creature's magic to it. It is said that the kings of Erythrandran used this jewel in war to conquer their neighbors. When the years of conquest were over, the kings kept this jewel in the royal treasuries. Legend said that if the jewel was lost, the empire would collapse.

In the last century of the empire, someone did steal the jewel. When the emperor recovered it, he ordered his mages to divide the jewel into three and to keep each in a separate part of the treasury. Just eighty years later, two princes of Károví, Leos and Andrej Dzavek, arrived at court, seeking to forward their homeland's interests at Court. Official records state that Leos used his magic to steal all three jewels. Other, less official sources have implied the story is not so straightforward.

Once they secured the jewels and escaped, however, Andrej had second thoughts. He quarreled with his brother, and just as the legend predicted, the civil wars destroyed the empire. In a later life, Andrej, now Imre Benacka, remembered his past lives. He believed he and his brother were wrong to steal the jewels, and that their presence would be a constant temptation to war, either by Veraene or Károví, and so he used his position as trusted advisor to the king to steal the jewels hide them throughout the magical plane. Instead of ensuring peace, however, the act sparked a second and bloodier war between Veraene and Károví, as Leos Dzavek hunted for his lost possessions.

For three hundred years, Lir's jewels remained lost. But Leos Dzavek never gave up the search, and as PASSION PLAY begins, certain interested parties discover that Leos Dzavek has recovered the first of the three…