Beth Bernobich

The Janet Watson Chronicles

(as Claire O'Dell)

Other than Honorable

Forthcoming July 2018 (trade paperback, e-book)

Dr. Janet Watson has lost everything in America's New Civil War. Her parents died in a terrorist bombing in Atlanta's airport. Her beloved Angela abandoned her after Watson enlisted. Then one bloody day in April, the enemy overran the medical unit where she served, and though Watson survived the attack, her left arm was shattered, and the prosthetic device she has is an older model, badly fitted and unreliable.

A surgeon needs two reliable hands, not one of flesh and one of metal and false memories. Watson returns to home to Washington, DC and tackles the VA bureaucracy, demanding a functioning prosthetic. Then she meets FBI Agent Sara Holmes. When one of Watson's patients dies under mysterious circumstances, Holmes joins the investigation. Together they must use espionage, advanced technology, and deduction to discover who is murdering the veterans of this New Civil War.

Separation from Service

Forthcoming Summer 2019 (trade paperback, e-book)

A sequel to Other than Honorable